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Gateway RGX - Industrial Scientific

Gateways and gas-detection instruments from Industrial Scientific can communicate with one another using the company’s LENS™ Wireless (Linked Equipment Network for Safety) feature.
LENS communications can be transmitted by RGX to iNet® Now—the Industrial Scientific live-monitoring application for cloud connected safety. The customer sets the RGX to communicate with iNet using the desired transmission options: cellular (if supported), wi-fi, or Ethernet.

The Gateway RGX can also be used in “repeater mode”, to simply repeat communications it receives without transmitting them to iNet Now. When strategically placed, repeaters fill a distance gap or can bridge would-be obstructed connections among LENS peers.

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  • Instrument to RGX communications;
  • RGX to iNet communications;
  • Dynamic monitoring mode;
  • iAssign beacon functionality;
  • Always-on option;
  • Transportable or mountable;
  • Multiple power options;
  • Indoor ou outdoor operation.
  • Receive real-time alerts from personal gas monitors and area monitors when alarms occur;
  • Locate workers faster when an incident happens using a live map;
  • Monitor hazardous locations and get data from confined spaces in real time;
  • Set up in minutes without the need for costly IT infrastructure;
  • Connect up to eight external devices, such as alarms and sirens, with relay control;
  • Seamlessly integrate with your internal systems with modbus to improve safety processes;
  • Combine these features to automate hazard awareness and response protocols at your site. 
  • Industries where lone or remote workers are at risk of exposure to hazardous gases.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Industrial Scientific in Portugal.
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