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The Ventis Pro5 multi-gas monitor gives you the power to monitor up to five gases simultaneously and manage worker safety anywhere, anytime. Connect workers to live monitoring to instantly receive real-time location data, man-down alarms and gas alerts, so that your team always has help.
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Connect Your Workers to Safety with the Ventis Pro5
Connectivity is critical to collecting valuable site safety data and getting workers the help they need, when they need it.
See all your people in one place with flexible, automatic connectivity to iNet Now live monitoring using cellular, wi-fi, or satellite. Respond quickly in an emergency with real-time alerts that show who needs help, why they need help, and where they’re located.
Why Use a Connected Monitor?
Using gas detectors alone isn’t enough, but connecting monitors can be a challenge on some sites. While other gas detectors offer one mode of connectivity, the Ventis Pro5 offers four—cellular, wi-fi, satellite, and peer-to-peer.
Make Ventis Pro5 Maintenance Easy.
Simplify gas detector maintenance by pairing your Ventis Pro5 monitors and DSXi Docking Station with iNet® Exchange—a subscription service that eliminates maintenance by reviewing the performance of a monitor’s sensors, circuit board, microprocessors and pump every time you dock it. When a monitor needs repairs, we'll simply replace it—no questions asked.
Why You Need the Ventis® Pro5
Instantly track and share real-time gas readings for up to five gases simultaneously, receive man-down alerts, and panic alarms on-site or even in confined spaces, so safety contacts and nearby workers know who is in danger, why, and whether it’s safe to help.
Get instant text or email alerts with GPS locations and hazard details through iNet Now, so you can respond as quickly as possible.
Using iNet Now, you can use real-time safety data to quickly dispatch help exactly where it's needed in an emergency.
Endure the harshest conditions thanks to an IP68 rating, backed by a Guaranteed for Life™ warranty.

  • Easily switch between personal monitoring and sampling by adding an optional pump;
  • Endure the harshest conditions thanks to an IP68 rating, backed by a Guaranteed for Life™ warranty;
  • Cloud connectivity to ensure users are connected, no matter where they are;
  • Quickly alert others of a problem by pressing the panic button;
  • Share real-time gas readings, man-down alerts, and panic alarms with the entire team, so everyone knows who is in danger and why;
  • Set custom alarms for up to five of the following gases: LEL (methane), LEL (pentane), Cl2, CO, H2S, HCN, NO2, NH3, O2, PH3, or SO2;
  • Assign the device to a user by name by simply tapping an iAssign badge;
  • Reduce human error with clear instructions (e.g., EVACUATE) when a monitor goes into alarm.

Guaranteed for Life™ - Check all the current conditions at

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