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Industrial Automation

Gateways for remote access Ewon Flexy 205 - HMS

The Ewon Flexy family, from HMS, is a range of industrial modular gateways that allows universal communication with varied field equipment regardless of the protocol used.
It is possible to configure data acquisition & data logging, routing and more, all requirements for digitalization in one unit.
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HMS solution focuses on machine builders who wants to stay competitive. That's why our machine builders are obsessed with optimizing every aspect of their operations.
The combination of Flexy, our IIoT data gateway, and Talk2M, the first secure industrial cloud, enables our customers to connect to their machines and collect data from wherever they are deployed.
  • Modular configuration;
  • Flexy data services;
  • Flexy is OPC UA ready;
  • IT approved;
  • PLC data acquisition;
  • Alarme notification and troubleshooting;
  • Datalogging;
  • Connection to IoT platforms.
  • On-demand remote access, it approved: security-certified global cloud infrastructure. Easy setup for unmatched connectivity success;
  • Easily acquire and log data: gather data from PLCs, sensors and other devices thanks to the support of a wide range of industrial protocols, including OPC UA;
  • Create simple IIoT projects in minutes, not weeks: in a few clicks, enable alarm notifications or performance monitoring through cloud KPIs dashboards. All major PLC protocols for data logging and alarm notification. Local web-dashboard for remote monitoring. OPC UA server to publish data to factory systems;
  • Do more in the future with built-in connectors and APIs: you might not have a data application today. But when the time comes, be confident in the fact that you can connect to a local or cloud data solution and make your machine smarter. Full flexibility to send data to any server (local or cloud). MQTT or HTTPS using embedded BASIC or Java Virtual Machine.

  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Ewon Cosy - HMS in Portugal.
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