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Remote Access - Configure machines and PLCs remotely - Netbiter® - HMS

With a Netbiter communication gateway connected to your PLC or machine, you can do programming or debugging from any location.
Just like being on site!
Netbiter Remote Access Mode allows you to open up a secure connection to remote machinery and configure or operate it from any location. You use your standard software applications such as TIA Portal for Siemens applications or RSLogix for Rockwell applications.

The effects?
Fewer maintenance visits, better control and improved service to your customers.

Remote data center EC310 Netbiter® - HMS

Netbiter EasyConnect EC310.
The Netbiter EC310 communication gateway connects to field equipment via several connection methods: Serial RS-232/485, Modbus RTU, Modbus-TCP or EtherNet/IP.
The gateway sends data to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center via Ethernet communication.
On-board I/O ports on the EC310 gateway provides the option to connect sensors and additional equipment to the system.

Remote data center Netbiter EC350 - HMS

The Netbiter EC350 is the first in a new generation of Netbiter gateways. It connects to industrial machinery via Modbus (serial), Ethernet, SNMP, (EtherNet/IP, coming 2014) or I/O and sends data to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos™ data center via Ethernet or cellular communications. While previous generations of Netbiter gateways have been able to communicate via GSM/GPRS, the new Netbiter EC350 is enhanced to also communicate over 3G networks. 

3G support
The 3G communication provides increased performance compared to GPRS and also increases the geographical cellular coverage as it is possible to install the gateway where 3G is the only available network. With support for 5 different 3G bands, the Netbiter EC350 is a product suitable for the global market. 
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