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gesis® Indoor – GST08 MICRO series – Wieland Electric

gesis® MICRO  makes the electrical installation invisible.
Because is so small, all you need is a drilled hole to run the lines through.

The gesis® MICRO connector system connects your light showcases and on shelves in places where no one else can reach. And it does so in the simplest way imaginable.

Because gesis® MICRO comes as a pre-assembled cable, you do not have to connect the plugs manually, it is all Plug&Play.

This makes the electrical installation inside your furniture invisible from the outside, so that nothing distracts the eye from the things that matter.
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  • Plug&Play system includes: PCB connectors; pre-assembled cables; distributors;
  • Ideal to connect between each other the several components of a LED lighting system;
  • References from 2 to 3 poles;
  • Articles are tested and certified in factory;
  • Technical data: IP40 (IP54 with accessory); 250VAC/2,5A; 50VDC/6A; cross section 0,75mm².

  • Savings of 70% in time and 30% in costs;
  • Recyclable and reusable system, and without material waste;
  • Error free connections due to the mechanical coding system;
  • Special customized solutions according to each project;
  • No need for qualified personnel due to the simple Male/Female connection;
  • Safe system – work can be done even in presence of voltage;
  • Flexible and easy maintenance.

  • Luminaires and lighting systems;
  • Technical and decorative furniture;
  • Shelves, racks and exhibits of retail surfaces.

Ref. A11847095
F.Fonseca is the representative of the Wieland Electric in Portugal.
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