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High temperature furnace TA-1200PLAB - Presys

The TA-1200PLAB is a high-temperature, high-volume laboratory furnace. With above-class uniformity and stability, it will dramatically reduce uncertainty in your thermocouple calibrations.
The TA-1200PLAB has 3 control zones. This segmentation makes this furnace a reference in terms of precision and homogeneity. With this control, we have better temperature distribution across the block and thus ensure uniform radial and axial uniformity throughout the 100mm measuring zone.
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It has 2 inputs for mV and for various types of thermocouples, including Au-Pt (gold/platinum), with configurable deviation function.
The furnace incorporates automatic calibration concepts with calibration management software, especially the Isoplan® software, such as issuing calibration reports, managing tasks, organizing and filing calibration data, among others.
  • Range: 50 to 1200ºC;
  • Radial homogeneity: ±0,10ºC @ 1100ºC;
  • Axial homogeneity: ±0,20ºC @ 1100ºC;
  • Stability: ±0,10º C @ 1100ºC;
  • Resolution: 0,01ºC;
  • Immersion: 300mm;
  • Measurement zone: 100mm;
  • Noise reduction design at the core;
  • External reference thermocouple input;
  • Deviation function for TC test sensors;
  • Ethernet, Wireless, USB, TCP/IP;
  • Built in VNC for remote access and technical support;
  • Meets the AMS2750E;
  • Labview interface with WebApi commands;
  • 5,7” display.
  • Best stability and uniformity in its class;
  • Use of noble type R thermocouples for uniformity control;
  • 3 control zones;
  • Improved uncertainty for thermocouple calibration.
  • Thermocouple calibration laboratories.
F.Fonseca is the representative of Presys in Portugal.
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