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Industrial Automation

Measuring Over Current Relay SIR - HSB

The measuring over current relay from HSB monitors an AC or DC current connected to the terminals B1/B2. If the current is higher than the value selected with potentiometer I>, the relay switches to its working position (yellow LED is on). The relay switches back to its rest position as soon as the monitored current is below the adjusted value plus the adjusted hysteresis.
The SIR current measuring relay from HSB has two separate inputs for DC and AC supply. For a 230VAC power supply use the terminals A1/A2. For a 24V AC/DC power supply use the terminals A3/A2. The green LED indicates the connection of the power supply. Continuous presence of the power supply (A1/A2 or A3/A2) is required for measuring. The measuring circuit is galvanically isolated from the supply. The response time can be adjusted between 0 ... 10 seconds. The relay continuously monitors the rectified value of the input signal.
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  • Supply voltage: A1/A2 : 230VAC; A3/A2: 24VAC/DC;
  • Frequency range: 0/50...60Hz;
  • Power consumption: 0,8W@24V; 6VA@230V;
  • Operation mode: continuous;
  • Measuring ranges: 2...20mA DC/AC; 10...100mA DC/AC; 50...500mA DC/AC; 0,1...1A DC/AC; 0,5...5A DC/AC.
  • Available for different measuring ranges.
  • All industries.
F.Fonseca is the representative of HSB in Portugal.
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