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Testo 760-1 digital multimeter

When measuring electrical parameters such as current, voltage or resistance, you must rely on measuring instruments that are completely reliable. With the testo 760-1, you will have a digital multimeter in your hands that sets new standards in terms of safety.
Compared to the multimeters available on the market, with the testo 760-1 you don’t have to select the measurement connectors first and then the measurement function. The instrument detects the proper measurement parameters based on the connector assignment, which prevents any kind of dangerous misadjustment.
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Handling the multimeter is simpler and more modern than ever. The classic rotary control has been replaced by function keys that allow you to control the device with just one hand. Thanks to the large backlit screen, you will be able to view the measured values. The testo 760-1 has the most important functions for your daily measuring tasks and is therefore the ideal device for those starting out in the world of digital multimeters.
  • Simple and modern handling with function keys instead of rotary control;
  • Measurement of true TRMS effective value;
  • Large screen with backlight.
  • Avoid wrong adjustments;
  • Autodetection of electrical parameters;
  • No configuration required.
  • Ideal for measuring all important electrical parameters.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Testo in Portugal.
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