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Industrial Automation

MVK Metal Safety Modules - Murrelektronik

Safety is very important in automotive applications. MVK Metal Safety fieldbus modules are a very interesting active safety technology solution. MVK Metal Safety allows for installations to meet Safety Integrity Level 3 (according to IED 61508 and IEC 62061) and Performance Level e (according to EN ISO 13849-1).  MVK Metal Safety is available with your choice of just inputs or with both inputs and outputs.
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Each channel can be individually monitored for possible failures such as overload, sensor short circuit or wire break. In the event of a failure, an LED will come on at the affected port. Additionally, a message is sent to the control.
Compensating Time Delays
If an input port is used with two channels, this may cause time delays, for example by different sensors. These delays can be compensated by an adjustable discrepancy time.
Resistant to Environmental Forces
The unit is dust-tight, tamper-proof and protected against temporary immersion which is defined as spending up to 30 minutes in water that's 1m deep.
A Safe Fieldbus Protocol
PROFIsafe is a safety-related expansion of the PROFINET fieldbus protocol and it transfers safety-related data. This fieldbus protocol is a standard in industrial applications. This means: you can continue to use an already existing communication structure, which saves wiring and installation time.
Fully Potted Housing with Protective Coating
The one-piece zinc die-cast housing has a protective finish to protect from welding applications. The modules is both weld spark resistant and IP67 rated. The fully potted housing makes the module vibration resistant (vibration 15 g, shock 60 g) and suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments.
ProfiNET Safety Configurations
Safety-related components have their own addresses within a ProfiNET system. MVK Metal Safety allows you to set the address via three easily accessible rotary switches.
Failures are immediately detected
MVK Metal Safety has a separate and parameterizable clock signal. Cross circuits caused by pinched cables or ground faults are immediately detected.
Yellow Stands for Safety
The yellow contact carriers, light rings and label plates let you know at a glance that this module is a safety module.

  • Short I/O cables to actuators and sensors;
  • M12 and push/pull connections;
  • Avoids wiring errors;
  • Comprehensive diagnostics;
  • Resistant metal housing and rugged design.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic options;
  • Discrepancy time;
  • IP67 rated;
  • Rugged;
  • Safe addresses;
  • Safety with opposite polarity.

  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrelektronik in Portugal.
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