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Non-contact voltage tester testo 745

The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester is ideally suited for fast initial checking of any suspected fault sources. It filters high-frequency interference signals and has a two-stage sensitivity setting.
With the testo 745 non-contact voltage detector, you can quickly and easily determine the presence or absence of voltage. In contrast to most other models on the market, it has a filter for high frequency interference signals, thus allowing a more reliable voltage indication. When it is determined that there is voltage, the instrument gives a clear visual and acoustic signal.
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The device's sensitivity can be adjusted in two levels: level 1 for phase identification, level 2 for voltage indication. With the integrated flashlight, you can even work in low-light environments. In addition, the testo 745 voltage detector is water and dust resistant according to protection class IP67.
  • Configurable for phase identification or voltage indication;
  • Adjustable sensitivity;
  • Optical and acoustic indication;
  • Water and dust resistant to IP67;
  • Measuring zone lighting.
  • Filter for high frequency interference signals.
  • Locating live and neutral wires;
  • Non-contact voltage testing;
  • Searching for cable breakages.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Testo in Portugal.
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