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Part localization for bin picking - SICK

Pick, sort and place based on 3d and color featuring artificial intelligence.

Robot guidance systems | 3D machine vision: with the boom in e-commerce, warehouse throughput needs to scale up. A wide variety of items needs to be handled at high speed. Floorspace and worker availability are limited resources.
Fully automated picking robots help to increase pick-and-place accuracy and speed with 24/7 uptime and only a small footprint.
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SICK offers a high-precision robot guidance system for localizing items to be picked. A high-resolution, high-speed camera detects a wide range of objects of different shapes and colors.
  • Increased capacity;
  • Less manual work;
  • Faster order processing.
Automatic detection of all kinds of objects and colors
Zivid Two 3D camera
• High dynamic range (HDR) technology for challenging applications with reflective and shiny objects;
• Robot-mounted for localization of items in multiple bins;
• Color distinction to identify and sort objects of similar shape;
• Accurate picking thanks to high precision 3D point cloud.
Powerful, user-friendly software
Machine learning /AI
• Train new scenarios using dStudio from SICK;
• Classification of a wide range of objects.

Software plug-in concept
• Modification of functions possible at any time;
• Localization based on geometrical surface features; no CAD matching required.
Easy robot programming
Robot programming
• Autonomous robot motion planning thanks to integration with third-party library.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal. 
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