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Photoelectric sensor W26 – SICK

The photoelectric sensor W26 from SICK is equipped with new technologies such as twinEye, lineSpot, clearSens and optoFilter for reliable object detection. It can be quickly and conveniently adjusted via the BluePilot operating and display concept.
Since every W26 is designed as a Smart Sensor, it can be configured to fit the application via IO-Link and offers additional diagnostic functions and Smart Tasks. It is therefore a trailblazer on the path to Industry 4.0. The highly-visible PinPoint LED and the infrared LED are available as the light source. The durable laser inscription ensures device identification in the long run. Thanks to the very rugged VISTAL® housing and the predictive maintenance, the W26 offers very high reliability and prevents unplanned machine downtimes.
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  • Technologies: clearSens, lineSpot, twinEye with optoFilter;
  • BluePilot: optical alignment aid, adjustment of the sensing range via Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range indicator or via IO-Link;
  • PinPoint LED: light-intensive red sender LED;
  • Smart sensor: enhanced sensing, IO-Link, diagnostics, smart tasks.
  • Usability and uniform operation thanks to optical quality display on the housing or conveniently via IO-Link;
  • Simplification when aligning the light beam to the reflector, the receiver or to an object thanks to the highly-visible light spot of the PinPoint LED combined with the optical LED display;
  • Very high reliability thanks to new detection technologies as well as high optical ruggedness;
  • The smart sensor makes machine processes quicker, more efficient and transparent, enables predictive maintenance and is thereby a trailblazer for Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Consumer goods;
  • Automotive and parts supplier;
  • Wood;
  • Storage and conveyor;
  • Handling and assembly technology.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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