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Photoelectric sensors rectangular array AS30 – SICK

More flexibility and efficient communication!
The AS30 array sensor from SICK operates on the proximity scanning principle. It detects even the slightest differences in grayscale values within the field-of-view.

Positioning of, for example, a paper web based on the web edge or a contrast line is only one of many possible applications. Widths, diameters, and gaps can also be detected. In reflector mode, the photoelectric sensors AS30 from SICK can even detect transparent materials.
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  • Teach-in of selected edges possible;
  • Full color TFT display;
  • Various operating modes for different applications;
  • Core and Prime variant for different fields of application;
  • Large measuring range of up to 50 mm;
  • Sensing distance of 25 mm or 100 mm;
  • Repeatability of up to 30 µm.
  • More process reliability through edge and area teach-in;
  • High application flexibility through sensor configuration and IO-Link;
  • Efficient communication and predictive maintenance through smart sensor functionality;
  • TFT display for flexible configuration options and easy commissioning;
  • No fine positioning of the sensor required thanks to the large field of view of up to 50 mm.
  • Electronics and solar: edge guiding in battery production;
  • Furniture industry: edge guiding for wide-belt sanding machines;
  • Machine construction: double layer detection, thickness measurement;
  • Packaging industry: edge guiding, tear string detection;
  • Printing industry: positioning of sheets;
  • Robotics: weld seam tracking.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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