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Power Systems Smart Current Distribution - MICO Fuse- Murrelektronik

Solutions for inteligente power distribution.

Complex power supply systems with many components require reliable load protection. Switch mode power supplies are the heart of these systems since they electronically monitor output voltage and output current. If there is a short circuit or an overload, protective devices downstream (for example circuit breakers) react slower than the power supply and do not ensure selectivity. This can cause critical situations like voltage drops or even cable fires.

Our compact MICO modules help to eliminate these effects: They are an essential component for protecting power supply systems!

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Protecting sensors and actuators is very important. However, using individual safety terminals requires time-consuming efforts. Now MICO Fuse 250 makes this protection more convenient. The compact module features eight sockets for glass tube fuses that can be accessed from the front and protects all channels. MICO FUSE 24 LED has additional LEDs that indicate the operating condition of each channel in red and green. A group alarm contact sends the current status to the control.

  • 8 sockets for glass tube fuses;
  • MICO Fuse 24 LED – Operating voltage: 24 V DC;
  • Channel-specific LED indicator:
    • Green = fuse OK;
    • Red = fuse defective.
  • Group alarm contact through digital output;
  • MICO Fuse 250 – Operating voltage: 0...250 V AC/DC;
  • Common voltage supply for all channels;
  • Spring clamp terminals;
  • Labeling options for each channel and for the module.

  • Monitors currents;
  • Indicates when chains are close to its maximum value;
  • Sense stress when the current exceeds the maximum, turns off the channel;
  • Providence flexibility, each channel can be deactivated via button.

All industries.

Ref. A0701122
F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrelektronik in Portugal.
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