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Power Systems Smart Current Distribuition - Murrelektronik

MICO Electronic auxiliary circuit, 4 channels IN: 24VDC OUT: 24V/1-2-3-4ADC.
The power supply is the heart of every control cabinet. In past years, many advances have been made in this field. Rectified power supply units are more frequently replaced by primary switched power supply units. This provides many advantages, however, it also requires consistent and targeted protection of the systems.

MICO is the right solution for this problem. MICO, from Murrelektronik, is an intelligent power distribution system: It monitors currents, indicates when approaching the maximum load, and detects over-stress. This facilitates troubleshooting and secures machine availability. MICO is available in a 2-channel and 4-channel version – enabling an economic system structure.

Power Systems Smart Current Distribution - MICO Fuse- Murrelektronik

Solutions for inteligente power distribution.

Complex power supply systems with many components require reliable load protection. Switch mode power supplies are the heart of these systems since they electronically monitor output voltage and output current. If there is a short circuit or an overload, protective devices downstream (for example circuit breakers) react slower than the power supply and do not ensure selectivity. This can cause critical situations like voltage drops or even cable fires.

Our compact MICO modules help to eliminate these effects: They are an essential component for protecting power supply systems!


Smart Current Distribuition - MB Redundancy balance - Murrelektronik

A balance of power!

In order to maximize machine availability systems are often designed with redundant power supplies. murrelektronik’s mb redundancy balance module optimizes these types of systems. It decouples two power supply units and ensures a 50:50 balance of power between them.

In systems that use an MB Redundancy Balance module the power supply units are evenly engaged. Neither is in an idle state and neither has to work at its maximum capacity. This ability to balance the two units will increase the life of both. However, if one power supply should happen to fail, the other will pick up the load without causing an interruption

Smart Current Distribuition - MICO Basic – Murrelektronik

Switch off intelligently with MICO BASIC!

As early as necessary, as late as possible – MICO features intelligent switch off characteristics!
The modules are suitable for any application that requires protection of a great number of sensors and actuators with similar demands. The current ranges for the individual circuits are fixed.

Smart Current Distribuition Mico Pro®– Murrelektronik

Mico Pro is the new and innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik. The modular system enables you to adapt systems precisely to suit specific applications – offering a favorable cost-benefit ratio while also being economical in their use of space. The patented tripping process assures optimum machine availability. An additional benefit: an integrated concept for potential distribution that significantly declutters the switch cabinet wiring.
Power supply systems are the heart of machines and systems and provide the required energy. This is why they must not be shut down by overcurrents or short-circuits which result in machine downtime, production losses and high costs. Maximum reliability of the power supply systems is essential!
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