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Pressure transmitter MIDAS C08 - Jumo

Basic OEM pressure transmitter.
The pressure transmitter MIDAS C08, is the standard sensor, designed to correspond almost all industrial aplications, like machines, compressors, pneumatics and industrial system applications.

The main requirement of OEM pressure measuring instruments like this is unlimited functionality and availability over many years and decades, without the need for maintenance. Outstanding long-term stability is a highly significant factor in justifying this claim. Thanks to its new, patented sensor technology, JUMO has been able to improve by 100 % the customary long-term stability of comparable market products.

The exceptional vibration performance – 2.5 times as high as the industry standard – also makes sure that the product will be ready to use for many years to come. The temperature compensation range is a remarkable –20 to +100 °C, thus ensuring outstanding measuring accuracy in the operative temperature range of –30 to +125 °C.
The diagnostic functions integrated in the circuit provide safe error detection within the system.

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Innovative solutions for innovative customers. Attaching the connecting cable takes 60 % less time with the Quickon fast-clamping technique. As well as the advantages of simplified and safe cable assembly, there is no strand insulation or fitting with ferrules.
The connection is also far more reliable than a conventional screw-type connection, particularly when there are vibrations and temperature fluctuations to contend with. The electronics of the MIDAS C08 are also designed to be short-circuit proof and protected against polarity reversal.

This pressure transmitter is suitable for relative pressure measurements in the 0 – 1.6 bar to 0 - 60 bar range. A digital output is possible in addition to the usual electrical output signals.
All the development and production of the sensor technology, the mechanical systems and the hardware comes from a single source. This means that special, customized requirements can also be implemented quickly and competently.
  • Long-term stability < 0.2%;
  • 60% faster device installation with the Quick;
  • n fast-connection system;
  • Temperature compensation range expanded by 50% to -20 to +100 °C;
  • Vibration performance 2.5 times better than the industry standard.

  • The QUICKON fast-connection system saves you time and money on installation;
  • Modern production facilities;
  • Mean short delivery times.

Process safety
  • Protected against polarity reversal, short-circuit proof;
  • One hundred percent final inspection.

  • A panoply of measuring ranges;
  • A wide selection of process and electrical connections.
  • Compressors;
  • Machine and system construction;
  • Industrial;
  • Pneumatics;
  • Commercial vehicles;
  • Building services.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Jumo in Portugal.
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