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Pressure transmitter DELOS HP - Jumo

The DELOS HP is Jumo’s precision pressure transmitter with switching contacts and display.
The DELOS HP high-precision electronic pressure switch with analogue output is predestined for use on test benches, with laboratory equipment, and for construction of special machines. These areas frequently demand precise measurement and a configuration adapted to the measurement task.

The stainless steel sensor welded to the process connection features a high burst safety, which is in part as much as 5x the measuring range. Consequently, the plant is reliably protected against medium leaks in the event of a malfunction.
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Pressure transmitter Midas C08 - Jumo

Basic OEM pressure transmitter.
The new pressure transmitter Midas C08, is the standard sensor, designed to correspond almost all industrial aplications, like machines, compressors, pneumatics and industrial system applications.

The main requirement of OEM pressure measuring instruments like this is unlimited functionality and availability over many years and decades, without the need for maintenance. Outstanding long-term stability is a highly significant factor in justifying this claim. Thanks to its new, patented sensor technology, JUMO has been able to improve by 100 % the customary long-term stability of comparable market products.

The exceptional vibration performance – 2.5 times as high as the industry standard – also makes sure that the product will be ready to use for many years to come. The temperature compensation range is a remarkable –20 to +100 °C, thus ensuring outstanding measuring accuracy in the operative temperature range of –30 to +125 °C.
The diagnostic functions integrated in the circuit provide safe error detection within the system.

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Pressure transmitter with ceramic element SEN-96 - kobold

The Kobold SEN-96 standard model is an electronic transmitter with ceramic sensor for air, industrial, technical gases, water and oil, designed to be installed in gas distribution plants, on bottles, on refrigerators, on compressors, on vacuum pumps and hydraulics and water high pressure plants.
The Kobold SEN-96 Series pressure transmitters combine the reliability of a solid-state ceramic sensor with a very economical price. These pressure transmitters are available in an accuracy class of ≤ ±1.0% of range with a standard 4-20 mA, 2-wire analog output, allowing the SEN-96 pressure transmitter to interface with most modern control systems. Optional voltage outputs are available. The heart of the SEN-96 pressure transmitter is a ceramic piezoresistive pressure-sensing element.
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Temperature and pressure sensors with IO-Link – Jumo

The long stopping times belong to the past. The new JUMO temperature and pressure sensors with IO-Link use the integrated diagnostic function to better plan the availability or exchange of sensors.
Flexibility, production process optimization and remote maintenance are important performance parameters for machines or manufacturing facilities. The sensors with IO-Link give the operator access to the most basic field level. The effort to recover information, parameterization and diagnosis of the sensors is minimal, so that the evaluation of the conditions of the equipment is ideal.

The efficient IO-Link point-to-point communication is based on the well-known three-wire sensor connection. The IO-Link is a serial and bidirectional point-to-point connection for signal transmission and power supply in any number of networks, field or support.
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Wireless pressure transmitter Wtrans p - Jumo

This transmitter is designed for industrial use and is used in conjunction with the Wtrans receiver for fixed or portable pressure measurement in liquids or gases.

The measured values are transmitted wirelessly at 868.4 MHz and viewed on the receiver and available via the RS485 interface in digital format or at analog output with the usual electrical signals. Optionally, alarms associated with 2 output relays can be created in the receiver.
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