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Programmable 3D camera TriSpectorP1000 - SICK

Tailor-made 3D solutions for flexible automation.

The TriSpectorP1000, from SICK, is a programmable 3D camera ready for Industry 4.0. Part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system, the 3D camera and the software tools that are included open up possibilities for tailor-made solutions – with easy commissioning and operation in areas such as quality control, robot handling, and profile verification. The TriSpectorP1000 operates stand-alone and contains imaging, lighting, and analysis in a single rugged housing. Laser triangulation technology provides color-independent, contrast-independent, and true object shape data in millimeters. The TriSpectorP1000 is the perfect choice for fully flexible, cost-efficient, in-line industry automation solutions.
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The TriSpectorp1000 is a programmable 3D camera which uses laser triangulation on objects to produce 3D images. The TriSpectorp1000 acquires multiple height profiles to build a 3D image of an object. The SICK AppStudio development environment is used for developing customer-specific applications for the TriSpectorP1000. An extensive range of tools, tutorials, and sample apps are available as an aid during the development.
  • 3D, 2D, and profile inspection of moving parts;
  • Imaging, lighting, and analysis in one housing;
  • SICK AppSpace, programmable 3D camera;
  • Full flexibility for tailored solutions;
  • SICK Algorithm API and HALCON;
  • Factory-calibrated 3D data;
  • Web user interface.
  • Fully flexible automation thanks to contrast-independent, true shape data in mm;
  • Tailor-made solutions with SICK AppSpace development framework;
  • Cost-efficient solutions with stand-alone 3D camera, ready for Industry 4.0;
  • Increased quality and less waste with in-line inspections of all parts in three dimensions;
  • Easy operation with customized web interface;
  • Commissioning and device replacement made easy with guaranteed field of view;
  • Operation in harsh environments with IP67 housing.
  • Automotive;
  • Electronics;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Robotics;
  • Rubber.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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