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Programmable safety controller Flexi Soft – SICK

SICK's safety controllers provide a simple, flexible, and scalable solution to realize an intelligent machine design. Flexi safety controllers feature a modular hardware platform without the use of complex software. They are simple to operate and can be easily integrated with all safety control components. Their compact design makes these safety controllers ideal for a variety of applications. 

The Flexi Soft is a software programmable, expandable, easy-to-commission safety controller that can be efficiently adapted to the requirements of a variety of safety applications.
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It is a scalable solution that expands module by module to meet application requirements. The intuitive Flexi Soft Designer configuration tool provides fast commissioning, up-to-date diagnostics, simulation mode, error history reports, and much more. With EFI (Enhanced Function Interface) and all leading network communications the Flexi Soft can be integrated, reducing wiring and improving diagnostics. Its compact size and network communication options make the Flexi Soft an ideal solution for small- to medium-sized machines.

  • Modularly expandable (12 .. 144 inputs/outputs);
  • Intuitive configuration software: easy operation, simulation mode, wiring diagrams, freely downloadable;
  • Configuration memory in the system plug;
  • Safety link up to four Flexi Soft safety controllers via EFI;
  • Integration into all common field buses systems;
  • Enhanced sensor functionalities via EFI interface.

  • Prevention of redundant inputs and outputs saves money;
  • Fast commissioning via memory plug;
  • Less downtimes due to gateways;
  • Safe communication without additional hardware saves time, space and money;
  • Fast electronic installation via wiring diagram;
  • Simulation mode allows a user to verify the safety functions before installation;
  • Fast hardware selection by drag and drop from a list of simple to understand element icons.

  • All industries appliance.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.

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