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Electro-mechanical safety switches economically and reliably monitor movable guards. Sick’s portfolio of electro-mechanical safety switches contains four product groups: safety position switches, safety hinge switches, safety switches with separate actuator and safety locking devices. This enables users to choose the appropriate solution for a variety of different applications. When combined with sens: Control – safe control solutions – Sick offers complete solutions from a single source.

Sick safety position switches are used for reliably identifying dangerous movements, even at high speeds.
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These switches use an actuator that is in a positive connection with the safety switch. There are two different actuators: the roller plunger for determining exact positions and the turning lever for identifying rapid movements. The safety position switch is actuated directly by the protective device.

  • Plastic and metal housings;
  • Roller plunger and turning lever;
  • IP 66 enclosure rating;
  • 1 M20 x 1.5 cable entry gland;
  • Slow-action or snap-action switching element with up to four contacts.

  • Standard device design provides quick and easy mounting;
  • Cost-effective solution for all standard safety applications;
  • Standard device design provides quick and easy mounting;
  • Different switching elements offer the appropriate solution for electrical installation;
  • Improved diagnostics due to additional signaling contacts.

  • All industries aplliance.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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