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Safety Laser Scanner S300 Mini – SICK

S300 Mini safety laser scanner  - Maximum safety in mini format.  
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  • Very compact design;
  • Triple field sets (1 protective field and 2 warning fields);
  • Up to 16 field sets;
  • Up to 32 monitoring cases;
  • 270° scanning angle;
  • 2 m protective field range;
  • Enhanced system solutions thanks to integrated EFI interface; 
  • Vertical and horizontal protection. 

  • Simple integration thanks to very compact design; 
  • Reduction of downtimes and brake wear thanks to triple field function; 
  • Flexible – up to 16 field sets offer ideal flexibility for any route; 
  • Easy modular expansions and additional functions by means of Sick safety controllers;
  • Low cabling requirements due to SICKdevice communication "EFI";
  • Unbeatable cost-effectiveness – 270° scanning angle allows all-round protection with only two scanners ;
  • Easy to operate, reducing costs and work time. 

  • Protection of the travel direction on automated guided vehicles (AGVs); 
  • Pallet shuttle systems; 
  • Pressure sensitive mat substitute; 
  • Side protection on automated guided vehicles (AGVs); 
  • Small vehicles (automated guided carts – AGCs);
  • Hazardous area protection at entry/exit stations (gates).

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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