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Safety laser scanner S3000 Expert - Sick

Close safety gaps with 64 fields: Checkmate!
S3000 Expert constitutes the consequential extension of the successful S3000 product family. Without refraining from the usual reliability of the S3000, many more protecting tasks can be accomplished.
Prospectively by activating the new triple mode three fields can be activated at the same time – one protective field and two warning fields. Therefore stationary and mobile applications can be implemented efficiently. Nearly unlimited performance will be provided when using 64 fields, which can be used as dual or triple mode. While being ideally expandable with other safety laser scanners and safety controllers form SICK, S3000 Expert comes with extended interoperability with other devices. All around safety of autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) can be realized and adapted safety fields depending on the speed can be activated. Integrated CMS functionality combines protection of human beings and contour measurement. In the area of logistics and manufacturing the system will allow trend-setting solutions.
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Safety Laser Scanner – S300 Mini – Sick

S300 Mini safety laser scanner  - Maximum safety in mini format.  
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Safety laser scanners - microScan3 Core - Sick

microScan3 Core: the beginning of a new generation of safety laser scanners from Sick. The microScan3 Core reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points.
The innovative safeHDDM™ scan technology sets new benchmarks. It combines a compact design and a large scanning range in one device. The housing of the microScan3 is rugged, its reliability is outstanding against dust and ambient light. Its smart connectivity saves costs with cabling due to standardized interfaces. Using the Safety Designer software the microScan3 Core can be intuitively configured and comfortably put into operation. The microScan3 indicates its operational status clearly via the multicolored display. Not one of many, but many things in one: The microScan3 from Sick.
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Safety laser scanners - Sick

Sick safety laser scanners – setting the standard throughout the world

Safety laser scanners can be used in a wide range of mobile or stationary applications, including non-contact area monitoring and access protection. Like an optical radar, the compact system scans its surroundings in a fan shape and measures distances by using the time-of-flight principle of measurement. The integrated rotating mirror creates a two-dimensional scan for measuring contours.

The CDS configuration and diagnostics software is used to define protective field areas and program logical switching.
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