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Distance sensor UC40 - SICK

The UC40 from SICK is a compact ultrasonic sensor for medium distances that precisely detects the distance, presence or position of objects, regardless of material color and ambient light. That means it is also suitable for level monitoring and collision avoidance.
Thanks to the convenient push-lock mounting concept and integrated analog and digital interfaces with IO-Link, the UC40 from SICK can be installed quickly and used anywhere. A rotatable sensor head facilitates alignment while IO-Link and teach-in buttons accelerate parameterization. The sonic cone can be adjusted variably to the requirements on site. Interference signals can be easily suppressed. This increases performance and ensures reliable object detection.
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  • Measuring range up to 5,000 mm;
  • Individually adaptable sonic cone and interference echo suppression;
  • Push-pull digital output with IO-Link and analog output;
  • Teach-in buttons and status detection with 4 LEDs;
  • Rotatable sensor head and push-lock mounting concept;
  • Integrated temperature compensation;
  • Diagnostic functions via IO-Link.
  • High performance in compact housing;
  • Insensitive to harsh conditions such as rain, fog and dust;
  • Powerful due to application-specific adaptable sonic cone with interference echo suppression;
  • Quick integration thanks to push-lock mounting concept;
  • Plug and play sensor with proven factory settings for covering numerous standardized applications;
  • Easy parameterization via teach-in buttons and IO-Link;
  • Lower warehousing costs due to variant reduction thanks to combined interfaces;
  • Ideal solution for optically demanding conditions.

  • 2D/3D area monitoring;
  • Collision avoidance;
  • Distance measurement;
  • Filling level and bulk level control;
  • Positioning;
  • Presence detection.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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