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Photoelectric sensor G10 – SICK

Sensors are often used together. This is especially true for applications in the logistics and machine building industries. Consequently, time-saving mounting solutions are becoming more and more important.

The G10 photoelectric sensor from SICK and the Q-Lock mounting system combine quick installation with a rugged design, maintenance-free operation and reliable object detection.
One thing is safe to say, thanks to the Q-Lock system designed by SICK, the G10 family of optical sensors are mounted at the ‘speed of light’, as fast on a bar clamp system as on a sheet clamp, working on a matter of seconds. The ‘hawk eye’ of the G10 makes no concessions and detects exactly what it’s meant to see, without interference from dirt and optical reflexions.
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  • Innovative Q-Lock system for remarkably quick sensor installation – drastically reducing machine installation time;
  • Extremely powerful transmitter LED with PinPoint technology for easy, precise alignment - even on very dark objects and at long distances;
  • Bright indicator LEDs for quick status monitoring;
  • Highly reliable and durable despite optical interference or mechanical loads;
  • Reliable detection of depolarizing objects;
  • Precise background suppression even for long sensing distances;
  • Rugged unibody plastic housing - with metal sleeves for secure mounting;
  • Immune to dirt, humidity and extreme temperatures from -30 and +60 °C;
  • Low-maintenance optics, rugged electronics and mechanical parts.
  • G10 focuses on the essentials the user really needs – without compromising quality, reliability or performance;
  • One sensor family serves all standard industrial and domestic applications;
  • Reliable object detection and long scanning ranges thanks to large optics and SICK ASIC technology;
  • Easy and fast sensor alignment due to small and highly visible PinPoint light spot;
  • Insensitive to dust and dirt on front lens or reflector;
  • Clever accessories reduce installation effort and safe time.
  • Logistics: Storage & Conveyor, especially pallet detection;
  • Machine builders (e.g. packaging, handling, wood processing, paper);
  • Automotive;
  • Automated car park systems;
  • Doors and gates;
  • Distribution.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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