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Mid-range distance sensors Dx80 - SICK

The SICK Dx80 distance sensor combines a large measuring range with remarkable accuracy. Our specialist team has achieved this by selecting advanced materials and sophisticated measurement principles.
The DT80 distance sensor offers a measurement accuracy of +/-2 mm at a maximum scanning range of 80 m. Whether you design production lines, develop professional systems or are an expert in mobile machinery, our DT80 distance sensor serves as a precision tool. Thanks to the extremely compact design, it can be used in the tightest of spaces. Even harsh ambient conditions cannot harm this sensor.
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  • Accuracy +/-2 mm, maximum resolution 0,1 mm;
  • Measuring ranges of 0.05 m to 80 m on white, up to 14 m on black;
  • IO-Link V1.1, analog and digital output;
  • TFT color display and user-friendly menu guidance;
  • Proven metal housing with elegant shape;
  • Enclosure rating IP65 and IP67;
  • Existing accessories can be reused.
  • Highly accurate measurements for increasing your process quality and saving valuable resources;
  • Wide measuring range to meet the requirements of many different applications;
  • Access to comprehensive sensor data thanks to IO-Link improves process control;
  • The icon-supported color display offers an intuitive user experience and simple commissioning;
  • The sensor is insensitive to ambient light and temperature changes and provides maximum performance even under harsh conditions;
  • With its compact metal housing, the sensor can be integrated even in tight installation spaces.
  • Consumer goods: Position monitoring of molds;
  • Industrial vehicles: Height detection for manned forklift trucks;
  • Metal, steel: Monitoring of winding and unwinding process;
  • Mobile machines: Length measurement of booms on telescopic handlers;
  • Ports: Container detection and positioning;
  • Vehicle construction: Quality control, gripper arm positioning.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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