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Industrial Automation

Series E positioning sensor ET – Temposonics

Temposonics E-Series ET with new interfaces and certificates.

Temposonics expands its Temposonics® E-Series ET Sensor with Analog and SSI interfaces as well as IECEx, CEC and NEC certificates. Temposonics® E-Series ET is the ideal solution for usage in hazardous areas and in high temperature applications with a small and compact housing.
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The compact housing of the ET sensor contains the latest technology of the E-Series. The ET is available with a Start / Stop interface, with an analog output for simple and direct measurements and with an SSI interface for digital measurements. In addition to the Teflon® cable, a silicone cable can also be used in hazardous areas in order to transmit the measured values from the sensor.

Thanks to its wide temperature range the sensor is able to accurately reproduce the measured values at high operating temperatures without extra cooling.
The various certifications allow the integration of the ET sensor into applications within hazardous areas.
  • ̶ 40…+105 °C;
  • For use in Class I, II, III Division 2 as well as in Zone 2 and in Zone 22;
  • Stainless steel housing;
  • Silicon or Teflon® cable;
  • Cable gland with strain relief.
  • No corrosion;
  • High reliability;
  • Additional security;
  • The compact sensor electronics housing of the ET sensor makes it fit even into small installation spaces.
  • Energy cylinders;
  • Gas turbines;
  • Steel plants;
  • Valves for turbines;
  • Wood processing.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Temposonics in Portugal.
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