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Power distribution podis® CON – Wieland Electric

podis®con is is a pluggable, modular power bus system for remote power supply. Because of the simple, non-interrupted maintenance and service possibilities, podis®con guarantees the highest system availability. With it, many functions such as power distribution, illumination, or active components can be directly mounted to the power bus without requiring additional fastenings. With the podis®con plug, as many additional devices as needed can be connected and flexibly positioned.
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The podis® power bus system is ideal for decentralized power distribution in machines and systems with large dimensions. The power bus portfolio has now been extended to include a new variant for high currents. Significantly higher loads can now be supplied on a flat cable section. This means that the main distribution for a conveyor line, for example, can be installed very easily. Supply lines and main distribution cabinets can mostly be avoided or can be reduced in numbers and decreased in size. The podis® tray cable power bus is suitable for conveyor systems at airports and in warehouses, in logistics centers for parcel & post, and in production facilities for instance in the automotive industry or for supplying manufacturing facilities.

The connection modules are designed for higher current and for higher voltage. At the same load the voltage drop is reduced in installations with very long cable lengths.
podis® does convince its users especially by its fast and safe installation, thanks to the piercing technology without any dismantling or uninsulation. So the systems provides highest flexibility during set-up of a plant, as well as in extensions or rearrangement afterwards.

The modular system podis® provides feed-in modules, tap-off modules, distribution modules, disconnector switches, fixed and pluggable tap-offs, pre-manufactured cable harnesses and a useful range of accessories.
  • 5 core tray cable system;
  • 6 mm² and 16 mm² cable size;
  • Connecting cable size: up to 16 mm² in the center feed, up to 70 mm² in the end feed;
  • Current load IEC 63 A;
  • Voltage resistance: IEC: 690 V, NEC: 600 V.
  • Higher current and higher load;
  • Less feed-in connections and feeder cables;
  • Less complexity;
  • Longer cable sections with less voltage drop.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Wieland Electric in Portugal.
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