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Industrial Automation

Smart Current Distribuition - MB Redundancy balance - Murrelektronik

A balance of power!

In order to maximize machine availability systems are often designed with redundant power supplies. murrelektronik’s mb redundancy balance module optimizes these types of systems. It decouples two power supply units and ensures a 50:50 balance of power between them.

In systems that use an MB Redundancy Balance module the power supply units are evenly engaged. Neither is in an idle state and neither has to work at its maximum capacity. This ability to balance the two units will increase the life of both. However, if one power supply should happen to fail, the other will pick up the load without causing an interruption
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Smart Current Distribuition - MB Redundancy balance from Murrelektronik comes with another benefit for today’s consumer – lower energy use. It operates with an innovative technology based on MOSFET so the energy consumption is up to 87% less than that of a conventional diode module. This results in lower energy costs for the user.

  • 50:50 Auto Balancing;
  • Signal contact for each input;
  •  LEDs for channel-specific status indication;
  • Very low power loss;
  •  Bridging system combines several modules or connects to MICO, the electrical load circuit   monitoring module;
  • Spring clamp connections;
  • Wide temperature range  -25…+60 °C.


HigHly effiCienT
Due to the innovative technology based on MOSFET, the energy consumption is up to 87 % less than those of conventional diode modules;

50:50 auTo BalanCing
MB Redundancy Balance automatically ensures that each unit supplies half the current load. Because the power supply units aren't under as much stress, their lifetime increases;

Easy to connect
With the integrated bridging system, MB Redundancy Balance can be directly combined with the electronic load circuit control module MICO, without requiring wiring work.

All industries.

Ref. A07011122
F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrelektronik in Portugal.
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