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Temperature sensors with wireless technology – F.Fonseca

The need to measure temperature in remote or hard-to-reach places created the need to use wireless technology to overcome physical obstacles. By incorporating the Jumo Wtrans B transmitter into F.Fonseca sensors, we have brought down the physical barriers that have hitherto prevented the measurement of temperature in remote, moving or hard-to-reach places.
Using the 868.4 MHz transmission frequency the Jumo Wtrans B transmitter allows F.Fonseca  temperature sensors to integrate the transmitter and the antenna into the sensor itself. The programmable transmitter is universal and applicable in type B heads, having operating temperature between -30 ° to 85 ° C. The antenna with M20x1.5 connection will includes a 3.6V 2.2Ah lithium AA battery and has a maximum range of 300m in the open field.
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To the receiver Jumo Wtrans T can be associated up to 16 Wtrans B transmitters and allows the conjugation of temperature data (Jumo Wtrans B) and pressure (Jumo Wtrans p). It has European communication protocol 868,4 MHz or American 915MHZ. It allows to measure values ​​of scale, offset, alarms, limit values ​​and configure other individual parameters for each transmission channel. It can be manipulated and configured via the two-line front panel keys or by easy-to-use PC software. It has front TTL / RS232 or USB / TTL input for PC interface. It can be powered from 110VAC to 230VAC - 48Hz to 63Hz, or 20VDC to 30VDC, 48Hz to 63Hz. It allows analog signal outputs or RS485 interface. The existence of 2 relays allows monitoring and output for alarm messages.
  • Communication frequency 868.4 MHz;
  • Maximum open range: 300m;
  • Universal input;
  • Lithium battery 3.6V 2.2Ah (type AA);
  • Easy-to-use programming software;
  • Up to 16 transmitters per receiver;
  • RS 485 interface with Modbus protocol;
  • Direct programming on the receiver or via PC.
  • Temperature measurement in mobile or hard-to-reach places;
  • Long distance measurement;
  • Lack of wires.
Any type of industry where temperature measurement is required.
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