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Temperature sensors type K - Marshall

Marshall thermocouple sensors are suitable for temperature measurement in liquid metals up to a maximum of 1350 ° C.
K Marshall thermocouples are robust and reliable sensors for measurement in aluminum, bronze, brass and copper (alloy) castings. Constructed in steel coated with a thin layer of graphite, they can be used directly in the liquid metal without preheating.
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It is simple to connect, economical and easy-to-use due to the lance and the possibility of incorporating reading equipment into the lance. The 3mm coating in the measurement zone allows quick readings.
  • Robustness;
  • Quick answer;
  • Readings up to 1350ºC.
  • Very low reading cost;
  • Easily replaceable components;
  • Large number of aluminum readings;
  • Excellent durability brass, brass and copper (alloys).
  • Foundries.
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