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Contact thermometers testo 735-1

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3 channel temperature measuring instrument T/C type K/T/J/S/Pt100, audible alarm, connection for max. 3 optional radio probes.
The robust and compact measuring instrument with a probe socket for highly accurate Pt100 probes and two sockets for fast-action thermocouple probes. Readings from up to three additional temperature probes can be shown on the instrument's clear display; measurement data transmission is by radio i.e. wireless.
A total of six channels can be collected in this way by the instrument. Using the highly accurate, plug-in Pt100 immersion/penetration probe, a system accuracy of 0.05 °C with a resolution of 0.001 °C is reached.
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The measurement system is therefore ideally suited for use as a working standard. Data measured by testo 735-1 can be transmitted by infrared to the Testo printer for documentation purposes. If cyclical printing is used, it is also possible to print data on the printer once every minute, for example.
  • Storage temperature -30 to +70 °C;
  • Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C;
  • Battery type alkali manganese, mignon, type AA;
  • Battery life 200 h;
  • Weight 428 g;
  • Dimensions 220 x 74 x 46 mm;
  • Material/housing ABS/TPE/metal;
  • Probe type typ T (Cu-CuNi);
  • Meas. range -200 to +400 °C;
  • Accuracy ±0.3 °C (-60 to +60 °C);
  • ±(0.2 °C + 0.3% of mv) (remaining range);
  • Resolution 0.1 °C.
Probe type Pt100
  • Meas. range -200 to +800 °C;
  • Accuracy ±0.2 °C (-100 to +199.9 °C);
  • ±0.2% of mv (remaining range);
  • Resolution 0.05 °C.
Probe type: type K
  • Meas. range -200 to +1370 °C;
  • Accuracy ±0.3 °C (-60 to +60 °C);
  • ±(0.2 °C + 0.3% of mv) (remaining range);
  • Resolution 0.1 °C.
Probe type: typ J (FeCuNi)
  • Meas. range -200 to +1000 °C;
  • Accuracy ±0.3 °C (-60 to +60 °C);
  • ±(0.2 °C + 0.3% of mv) (remaining range);
  • Resolution 0.1 °C.
Probe type: typ S (Pt10Rh Pt)
  • Meas. range 0 to +1760 °C;
  • Accuracy ±1 °C (0 to +1760 °C);
  • Resolution 1 °C.
  • System accuracy up to 0.05 °C;
  • Testo printer prints measurement data on site (optional);
  • Cyclical printing of readings once every minute, for example;
  • Displays, saves and prints Delta T, min, max and mean values;
  • Audible alarm when limit values are exceeded;
  • Protection class IP65;
  • Accuracy over the entire measurement range thanks to system adjustment.
  • Food industry.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Testo in Portugal.
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