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Ultrasonic detector Leakshooter V2+ - Synergys Technologies

Compressed air is a costly form of energy and 20 to 40% of it is lost through leaks, and the systematically checking and leaks elimination can bring considerable energy savings. 
When the Leakshooter comes near a leak, a dynamic yellow target appears on the large colour screen and the target turns red and shrinks as it approaches the source of the leak being then possible to photograph and save the precise location of the leak.
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  • It is still possible, whilst visually searching for a leak, to use the traditional method of leak detection, listening for the hissing sound of the leak using the professional headphones also supplied, which can be plugged directly into the device;
  • Detection in hard to reach areas can be done with sensor LKSFLEX – Flexible;
  • There is also as an accessory one ultrasound emitter LKSDome to be used for detecting the isolation or tightness of one special surface;
  • Detects a leak of 0,1 mm at 3 bars at 20 m;
  • Display LCD colour 5.7“ 640 x 480 pixels.
  • Possibility to export data do CSV;
  • Embedded camera to take pictures for reporting. Each photo is numbered, dated and timed and shows the dB RMS level of the leak;
  • The photos can be uploaded directly onto a PC via a USB cable (supplied), ready to be attached to inspection reports;
  • Approximated severity of Leak based in the flow estimation and cost of each leak in real time after introducing the air compressed cubic meter cost.
  • All type of industries that consume compressed air or steam;
  • Power and energy substations and transforming points where it can happen the Corona effect on partial discharge;
  • Tightness and sealing inspections;
  • Vaccum leak detection in all kind of industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Synergys Technologies in Portugal.
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