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Vision camara Visionary-S – SICK

3D snapshot – colorful perspectives for precise factory automation.

The Visionary-S sees the world as humans do: colorful and three-dimensional!

A new perspective to make robot vision or consumer goods detection faster and more reliable.

Thanks to the innovative 3D snapshot technology, Visionary-S 3D vision camera from SICK offer maximum flexibility for countless applications in factory automation. Based on the stereo vision principle, with the Visionary-S, SICK is offering solutions for the highest demands on accuracy and speed, even for stationary applications.
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The Visionary-S combines structured illumination with the proven technology of a color camera and delivers colorful depth images in real time. Powerful visualization tools, broad support of common programming languages and reliable 2D and 3D information make the Visionary-S the ideal solution for robotics, intralogistics and various quality assurance tasks in production, to name a few examples.
  • Up to 30 color depth images per second;
  • Works in absolute darkness and in daylight of up to 40 klx;
  • Resolution: 640 px x 512 px with depth resolution down to the sub-millimeter;
  • Output of 3D color data via a Gigabit Ethernet interface;
  • Temperature range: 0 °C ... 50 °C (depending on the housing);
  • Enclosure rating: IP67;
  • HDR mode.
  • Rugged cameras with a working range of 0.5 m to 2.5 m for industrial use;
  • More than 320.000 distance and color intensity values in a single recording;
  • High recording speed with very high resolution at the same time;
  • Get the result quicker: direct output of color and depth values from the camera;
  • High-quality color and depth values for reliable use in factory and logistics automation;
  • Flexibility: the camera can be integrated with the help of common programming languages and can be configured directly via SOPAS ET software;
  • High-efficiency illumination: Reliable depth data even with ambient light
  • AGVs;
  • Bin picking;
  • Dimensioning;
  • Logistics;
  • Robotics.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal. 
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