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Vision sensor Inspector – SICK

Robust part inspection with high performance is an easy task! 
The Vision Sensors from SICK are easy to use, rugged and reliable. They are designed to do application-specific tasks where a standard sensor would not work. SICK provides Vision Sensors to detect part presence, part position and identification, colour sorting and recognition.
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  • High-speed part inspection;
  • Robust pattern match to locate part independent of position, rotation and scale;
  • Multi-reference object teaching and multi-feature inspections;
  • Easy-to-use step configuration in PC including emulator;
  • Industrial Ethernet.
  • Unique, homogenous dome illumination or high power ring light;
  • Large selection of adjustments and accessories;
  • Log, statistics and record.
  • Automotive;
  • Electronics and Solar;
  • Mounting;
  • Packaging.
F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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