Push buttons and Signaling devices

Compact Status light Comlight56 - Murrelektronik

When Space is Limited, Comlight56 are a compact solution for the lighting needs of smaller machines and systems. The lighting elements are designed for various applications including work stations.
Murrelektronik‘s Comlight56 status light are especially compact. The light modules have a diameter of 56 millimeters and feature the latest LED technology.
Comlight56 is durable (lasting up to 100,000 hours), maintenance free and environmentally friendly since it consumes only a small amount of energy. It is suited for smaller installations and machines, for applications with confined space, or for use at workstations. 

LED lightning for industry – Modlight Illumix – Murrelektronik

The Modlight Illumix series of machine lamps by Murrelektronik optimally illuminate machines and plants with maintenance-free and long-lasting LED technology in daylight quality.
The Illumix series from Murrelektronik is available as a Classic Line with IP67 and Slim Line with IP54.
Slim Line lamps with their compact construction are a reliable solution in machines and plants in tight spaces. The Slim Line lamps are equipped with an M8 male plug for an easier installation.

Led Machine Lighting - Modlight XTREME 440 – Murrelektronik

Industrial and Factory Automation LED Lighting from Murrelektronik offers high-quality, energy-efficient products that provide bright illumination, vibration-resistant housings and sleek design. Murrelektronik's LED machine lighting is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

The new Modlight XTREME 440 machine light with M12 connection is made for demanding industrial environments: It is rugged and provides excellent lighting that's equivalent to daylight. Murrelektronik offers an innovative connection concept for Modlight XTREME 440. Cables with integrated reverse polarity protection ensure simple, safe and cost-effective connections.

An innovative connection concept: M12 with integrated reverse polarity protection is directly integrated into the connector. It protects the connected loads from wiring errors and short circuits. A LED in the connector indicates the operating states clearly and reliably.

LED signal towers Modlight Pro - Murrelektronik

The Modlight Pro LED signal towers from Murrelektronik are characterized by maximum flexibility in color selection and color composition. The five differently colored signal elements can be combined in any way. It is also possible to use a buzzer element to integrate an acoustic signal into the signal tower.

Push buttons and pilot lights 800F – Rockwell

The time-saving product line: quick selection, superior design, fast installation. 
The 800F line is designed and manufactured to demanding performance specifications. Using state-of-the-art solid modeling techniques and finite element analysis, every component built into 800F Push Buttons is optimized for durability and performance.

The 800F line is characterized by modular flexibility for non-illuminated and illuminated devices.

Sensor visualization SLT – SICK

Smart visualization of operational statuses with IO-Link.
In automated production, signal lamps are used in a wide variety of applications: At individual machines, conveyor belts and workstations, or even in entire systems.
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