Industrial Relays – R2N, R3N, R4N – Relpol

The offer of Relpol S.A. has been extended by new electromagnetic relays R2N, R3N, R4N which are modernized versions of the relays R2, R3, R4 still available in the offer. The new relays are extinguished by a modern design, higher quality and high functionality. They are manufactured in a modernized technology.

Major changes in the design of the relays are the improvement of the functionality of the mechanical indicator, the application of electronics in the SMD technology for the additional features L and D, the improvement of the efficiency of the electromagnet and the strengthening of the insulation in the area of the contact plate.

The R2N, R3N, R4N relays maintain the conformity of dimensions, raster of the terminals of contacts and coils and technical data with the respective R2, R3, R4 relays. They are available with similar additional features.
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Interface & Industrial relays – Relpol

For dozens of years now, Relpol S.A. has been a worldwide know supplier of components used in industrial and power automation, power electronics, industrial and applied electronics, telecommunication, etc.

The leading position of the manufacturer of electromagnetic relays in Europe provides for Relpol’s presence in markets worldwide.
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Miniature Relays R2/R4 - Relpol

Relpol miniature electromagnetic relays R2 and R4 type are suitable for industrial applications and environments, where reduced space assumes a great importance.

According to European standards, a relay is defined as an electrically controlled device that opens or closes electrical circuits for operation affectation of other devices in the same or in different electrical circuits. For this reason, the relay assumes a significant importance in contemporary industrial processes. Tens of thousands of relays now operate throughout the world.
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