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Ceramic tubes and insulators - Sensor components – F.Fonseca

The ceramic tubes and insulators allow the protection and isolate the thermocouples and wires from the temperature sensors.
Ceramic tubes, from F.Fonseca, exhibit greater or lesser dynamic resistance depending on the amount of alumina used in their composition. The DIN 610 ceramic tubes contain 60% alumina in their composition and can be used at temperatures up to 1500°C. The DIN 799 ceramic tubes contain 99.7% alumina and can be used at temperatures up to 1800°C.
The DIN 799 tubes offer better shock resistance when compared to DIN 610.
In the insulators we have the same distinction of typology according to its composition. Insulators can have 1, 2 or 4 holes and their internal and external diameters are several depending on the thermocouples / wires to be used.

Terminal heads and ceramic plates - Sensor Components – F.Fonseca

The terminal heads and ceramic plates for temperature sensors allow the connections between the sensors and the process connection wiring to be made safely.

F.Fonseca has aluminum, PVC and stainless steel terminal heads in a wide variety of formats to meet the needs of the market. From type B, A, KNE, KNN and Mignon. With IP67 and IP68, the temperature range can go up to maximum 180º, 480º or 1000ºC depending on the composition. Also available, certified terminal heads for applications in explosive environments.
The offer of ceramic plates is suitable for the variety of terminal heads that F.Fonseca sells. From simple and dual thermocouple boards to simple 2-wire and 3-wire or 4-wire and 6-wire RTDs.
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