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pH/Redox single-rod electrodes tecLine - Jumo

Jumo tecLine electrodes are high-quality sensors for professional applications in the process and industrial measuring technology.
The use of high-quality materials and components is the distinguishing feature of these electrodes. They are designed as combined single rod measuring electrodes (glass or metal and reference electrode in one shaft). Depending on the type, an optional temperature probe can also be integrated.

Suitable versions are available to meet the most varied requirements. Jumo tecLine sensors are state-of-the-art for modern pH and Redox electrodes. Each electrode is a high-quality product and individually inspected.
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  • Activation of up to four measuring ranges;
  • High-quality industrial electrodes;
  • Process / industrial applications;
  • Pressure resistant up to 10 bar;
  • Additional temperature probe can be integrated;
  • Different fitting lengths.

  • Robustness and reliability;
  • Single model with multiple versions, for every application.

  • Industrial and communal water and waste water technology;
  • Measurements in suspensions and paints/lacquers;
  • Measurements in low ion fluids;
  • High-alkaline, high-temperature and sterilization processes;
  • Fluoride containing fluids and low temperature applications.

Ref. A03039054
F.Fonseca is the representative of Jumo in Portugal.
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