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Bus-capable connection digiLine - Jumo

Intelligent, bus-capable connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis.

With JUMO digiLine, JUMO presents a bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors in liquid analysis which also offers Plug and Play functionality. 

JUMO digiLine Opens the Door to Sensor Technology 4.0
JUMO digiLine enables simple construction of sensor networks in which sensors are connected to each other in a star or tree structure. A single shared signal line is used for communication with the next evaluation unit or controller. This way plants in which several parameters need to be measured at the same time in different places can be wired efficiently and quickly.
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Conductive and inductive conductivity sensor digiLine CR e Ci - Jumo

Digital measurement of inductive and conductive conductivity, now with IO-Link.
Another step in Jumo’s intelligent measurement technology with new conductivity sensors, which expand JUMO’s transmitters range for digiLine digital communication bus.
The new smart transmitters are available in various mechanical and electrical installation configurations, perfectly adjusted for each application, with inductive and conductive sensors to measure electrolytic conductivity.
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Electrodes – Analytical measurement TECLINE LF-VA - Jumo

JUMO tecLine Lf-VA - electrolytic conductivity cells (202924).
Conductivity measuring cells are used in conjunction with conductivity transmitters to define the electrolytical conductivity in fluids. The materials used for these measuring cells are physiologically uncritical and meet FDA requirements. 
Jumo analytical measurement electrodes of the 202924/10-... and 202924/20-... design series can be used, for instance, in the following fields: pure and ultra-pure water, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff technology, chip manufacture, ion exchanger plants and reverse osmosis plants. 
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Measuring sensor - CTI-750 - Jumo

Inductive conductivity/concentration and temperature transmitter with switching contacts.
The device is used for measurement/control of the conductivity/concentration of fluid medium. The application is particularly recommended in media in which severe deposits through contamination, oil, grease, or plaster/calcium precipitations are to be expected. The integrated temperature measurement allows a precise and quick temperature compensation that is particularly important when measuring the conductivity. Additional functions, such as the combined toggling of measuring range and temperature coefficient, allow the optimum use in CIP processes.

Two integrated switching outputs can be freely programmed for limit value monitoring of conductivity/concentration and/or temperature. Alarm and control tasks (desalination) can also be assigned.
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Optical sensor for dissolved oxygen ecoLine O-DO – Jumo

The Jumo ecoLine O-DO is an optical sensor for dissolved oxygen for measuring dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions.
Due to integrated pre-amplification and digital signal processing the sensor has a high interference immunity. The measured value for dissolved oxygen is automatically compensated for temperature, air pressure, and salinity (salt content) and then transmitted to the connected display unit with controller over a digital interface. An easily-replaceable optical membrane cap makes the sensor extremely easy to maintain. The current calibration data is directly saved in the sensor electronic. As a result, the Plug and Play function of the system is enabled without necessary recalibration. Inside the sensor is a log book with the last ten successful calibrations available as ring buffer.
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Optical Sensor for Turbidity Measurements ecoline NTU - Jumo

The turbidity measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7027 is a tried-and-tested method for monitoring water with low to medium levels of turbidity.
The measuring principle is based on the infrared measurement according to the 90° scattered light method. Due to the light measurement in the wavelength of 880 nm and the wide measuring range of 0 to 4000 NTU the possible uses of the sensor include quality control and assessment of drinking water as well as wastewater control. The Jumo ecoLine NTU saves its calibration data and history directly into its sensor electronics. As a result, the device is quickly set up and ready for use everywhere, without requiring constant recalibration. The sensor design stands out due to its lean and durable construction. In addition, various immersion and flow fittings are available for installation.
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pH/Redox single-rod electrodes tecLine - Jumo

Jumo tecLine electrodes are high-quality sensors for professional applications in the process and industrial measuring technology.
The use of high-quality materials and components is the distinguishing feature of these electrodes. They are designed as combined single rod measuring electrodes (glass or metal and reference electrode in one shaft). Depending on the type, an optional temperature probe can also be integrated.

Suitable versions are available to meet the most varied requirements. Jumo tecLine sensors are state-of-the-art for modern pH and Redox electrodes. Each electrode is a high-quality product and individually inspected.
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