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Terminal blocks DIN rail with push-in connection – Fasis WTP – Wieland Electric

Fasis WTP – DIN rail terminal blocks with push-in connection.
With fasis WTP, Wieland Electric presents a series of DIN rail terminal blocks with push-in connection which smartly combines maximum efficiency with minimum size.

The series is based on an intelligent overall concept, has been designed for various wire cross-sections and offers ample accessories for a great variety of extensions. Thanks to the high-performance contact technology, conductors and accessories can be plugged-in easily without the use of tools. This considerably reduces the time required for installation and saves storage-related expense to a large extent. Moreover, the fasis WTP’s compact design permits clear and space-saving installation, which is especially important in the case of relatively large switchgear.

Fasis WTP has been designed for use in machinery and plant engineering, as well as power distribution for buildings.

Terminate wires easily, directly and without tools!

Terminal blocks DIN rail – selos - Wieland Electric

selos – Simple, efficient and secure connection!

Regardless of the connection application, whether single solid-conductor wire or multi-stranded wire, whether with or without ferrules: selos is the simple and secure electrical connection.

Thanks to the large amount of terminal space, universal connection and easy expansion through use of multi-wire connections are possible at any time. At the same time, the Wieland screw connection technology guarantees a secure, maintenance-free and long-lasting connection.
The optimized design used in selos results in a small size that needs considerably fewer accessories.
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