Thermal pyrometers

Pyrometer IGA 6 Advanced - Impac

The IGA 6 Advanced pyrometer is a compact, fast, digital infrared measuring instrument for non-contact temperature measurement in metal, ceramic or graphite, from 250º to 2500ºC.
The IGA 6 Advanced pyrometer has an extended temperature measurement range for greater application flexibility. Its precision and accuracy put it as a benchmark in its class.
It has digital core for sub-alignment and analog output. The response time is 120 μs for very dynamic and extremely fast processes. For an ideal combination with the application, the pyrometers are equipped with top-of-the-range optics with manual focus. The integrated 4-digit LED display indicates the current measurement temperature or the defined measuring distance. For precise alignment of the pyrometers with the surface to be measured, the IGA 6 Advanced has the option of a laser guide or a display. Constructed of stainless steel, the IGA 6 Advanced can be applied in aggressive environments (IP65 / NEMA4).
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Pyrometer IS 8 Pro - Impac

The IS 8 Pro pyrometer is a portable infrared, non-contact, temperature measurement equipment for temperatures between 600°C and 1800°C.
The IS 8 Pro, with fully digital signal processing, features a wide temperature range and greater accuracy. Measurement results can be displayed and analyzed directly on site thanks to the optional graphic display.

The cast aluminum housing has been specially designed for everyday use under difficult industrial conditions. Easy-focus precision optics allow small dot sizes for measurement at distances between 50 mm and ∞. The bright, optimized pointer, with accurate point indication and built-in temperature display, make it easy to pinpoint the object. In addition, the large data storage capacity of measurement offers the best possibility for subsequent interpretation of the measured values.
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