Thermal pyrometers

Impac IGAR 6 Advanced - Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy's IGAR 6 Advanced is an optical pyrometer, for measuring the temperature on metallic surfaces, which can work in one color mode (100° to 2000°C), 2 color mode (250° and 2000°C) or special smart mode (100° to 2000°C) temperature dependent, or automatic transition from one color to two colors.
In two color mode (ratio method), two wavelengths are used for temperature determination. The transition from one-color to two-color mode is done automatically in the temperature range of 250º to 280ºC. This technique offers advantages when compared to single color pyrometers, as the temperature measurement is independent of the emissivity of the object and in a wider range it is not affected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view; the measurement object may be smaller than the measurement point, measurements through dirty vision lenses are possible up to a certain level of contamination.
The response time of only 2ms facilitates the measurement of fast processes. The IGAR 6 is equipped with a “dirty window” warning.

Infrared pyrometer testo 835-T1

The range of testo 835 infrared pyrometer offers you multiple advantages in virtually all industry sectors, eg when measuring the temperature and the moisture in the walls, when inspecting ventilation systems, when performing the maintenance of ventilation systems, when performing system maintenance the quality of the products manufactured.

The infrared technology of the testo 835 range allows you to measure with great accuracy even at long distance, helping when determining the temperatures of small, moving objects that are difficult to reach or with very high temperatures.
With the testo 835 range you have everything controlled and will guarantee the high quality of your product.

Modular optical pyrometer IN 600 Impac - Advanced Energy

The IN 600 is a modular digital pyrometer with interchangeable sensors for non-contact temperature measurement of various surfaces in different temperature ranges.
The Impac® 600 Series offers a customizable design with easy installation and maintenance. The long wavelength IN 600 is best suited for non-contact temperature measurement on non-metallic or coated metallic objects.

Pirometer Impac IGA 140 - Advanced Energy

The IGA 140 is a Advanced Energy pyrometer with focusable optics for non-contact temperature measurements
on metals, ceramics, graphite etc. between 220º and 3000°C.
The IGA 140 comes equiped with are equipped with RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces (switchable). This enables additionally the reading of temperature and pyrometer parameters via the provided InfraWin PC software. If necessary, the parameters also can be changed via PC.

Pyrometer Impac IN 5 plus - Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy IN 5 plus is a digital pyrometer designed for non-contact temperature measurement on non-metallic surfaces and also on painted or anodized painted metals.
The IN 5 plus pyrometer has an analog output of 0/4 to 20mA, RS232 or RS485 digital interface and a laser optical sight system. Its temperature range is -32 ° C to 900 ° C.

The use of high accuracy is achieved by digital linearization of the output. The exposure time can be set in the pyrometer.

Pyrometer Impac IS 8 Pro - Advanced Energy

The IS 8 Pro pyrometer is a portable infrared, non-contact, temperature measurement equipment for temperatures between 600°C and 1800°C.
The IS 8 Pro, with fully digital signal processing, features a wide temperature range and greater accuracy. Measurement results can be displayed and analyzed directly on site thanks to the optional graphic display.

The cast aluminum housing has been specially designed for everyday use under difficult industrial conditions. Easy-focus precision optics allow small dot sizes for measurement at distances between 50 mm and ∞. The bright, optimized pointer, with accurate point indication and built-in temperature display, make it easy to pinpoint the object. In addition, the large data storage capacity of measurement offers the best possibility for subsequent interpretation of the measured values.

Pyrometer Impac ISR 6-TI Advanced - Advanced Energy

The ISR 6-TI Advanced is a hybrid digital static pyrometer with embedded video system and infrared filter for non-contact temperature measurement and thermal image display in the temperature range of 700°C to 1800°C.
The ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer has the precision of a 2-color pyrometer and the thermal image in a single non-contact temperature measurement system.
It accurately measures the temperature at the center point and uses an infrared filter to display a self-calibrated thermal image based on accurate reading of the pyrometer temperature (almost emissivity independent).

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