Integrated multi-sensor fluid level monitoring LiDoTT® - Detectronic

Unique multi-sensor device delivers consistent high quality level data across a wide range of operating conditions and switches seamlessly to provide continuous depth data under blockage or surcharge conditions.

LIDoTT® integrates level, depth and temperature sensors into one compact device. LIDoTT® delivers high-quality data throughout normal dry-weather and wet-weather or blockage induced surcharge conditions.

Ultrasonic level and open channel flow meter NUS-4 - Kobold

The Kobold ultrasonic level meter, model NUS-4, is used for non-contact, continuous level and volume measurement in vessels or for flow measurement in open channels. Level measurement technology based on the non-contacting ultrasonic principle is especially suited for applications where, for any reason, no physical contact can be established to the surface of the material to be measured.
Such reasons may include corrosive attack by the process medium against the measuring device material (acids), possible contamination (sewage) or particles of the process medium adhering to the measuring device (adhesive materials). The ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle of measuring the time required for the ultrasound pulses to make a round trip from the sensor to the level to be measured and back.

Ultrassonic level transmitter NUS-7 - Kobold

The NUS-7 is a liquid level transmitter, measuring by the non-contacting ultrassonic principle. Rugged, high performance ultrassonic level measurement transmitter, having transducer and processing electronics incorporated in one single housing.
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