Non intrusive for liquids

AUF750 ultrasonic flowmeter - ALIA

Transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter – model AUF750 series.
The AUF750 is a fixed mounted, transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter. It features clamp-on style transducers for non-invasive measurement of clean homogeneous liquid processes. This user friendly, microprocessor based, field programmable flowmeter ensures that the flow of existing processes can be performed without interrupting the flow and has very low installation costs.

Ultrasonic portable and stationary flow meter for liquids DUC - Kobold

Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement from DN 10 to DN 6000
The portable DUC-MP and the stationary DUC-MF (designed for continuous flow measurement), are very accurate and drift-free operating flowmeters for liquids in filled pipes. The devices operate absolutely hygienically and are leak proof. The monitoring of all aggressive and toxic liquids can be done without any problem.
Special advantage: The ultrasonic sensors are strapped from the outside on the pipe in the clamp-on method.
A cutting of the pipe is not required for installation. Similarly there is no requirement for process shutdown. In this way, the operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Ultrassonic flowmeter with IO-Link DUK - Kobold

Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment or food production: If non-conductive media flow in a chemical process, ultrasonic flow meters are usually installed for monitoring. For monitoring the measuring devices require short response times and a high degree of calibration freedom, otherwise incorrect metering or insufficient repeat accuracy will occur.
The maintenance-free ultrasonic flowmeter type DUK with the newly developed C3T0 compact electronics from KOBOLD Messring GmbH provides a remedy here. Due to the extensive possibilities for on-site programming, the DUK is suitable for cross-industry use for diverse media.
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