Buffers & redundant Systems

Emparro ACCUcontrol – Murrelektronik

The Emparro ACCUcontrol UPS module rounds out the high-performance Emparro power supply system. In the event of a power failure, it automatically switches to battery operation and prevents machine downtimes. Investing in a UPS system frequently pays for itself the first-time a stoppage is avoided.
The UPS module is available for 20A or 40A systems. Emparro ACCUcontrol can be assembled without the use of tools and is maintenance free. Because it is only 65mm wide, the 20A model needs very little space in the control cabinet.

Emparro Cap – Murrelektronik

Emparro Cap is Murrelektronik's buffer module for maximum system availability. The module ensures a stable power supply system and guarantees safe industrial processes. Emparro Cap reliably bridges voltage drops coming from the mains. This avoids time-consuming and cost-intensive interruptions of production processes.
Fully automated production plants experience short-time voltage drops that can interrupt the production and incur high costs and overtime. The Emparro Cap buffer module is a useful solution to avoid these problems. It can be easily integrated into new and existing power supply systems.

UPS Module DR-UPS40 - Mean Well

The Mean Well UPS module and battery controller DR-UPS40 is the ideal solution for the installation of a redundant 24VDC supply system until a maximum of 40A.

In today's market, there is a growing demand for high-performance DIN rail power supplies. Mean Well power supplies stand out, reaching a differentiating level and maintaining high levels of efficiency. But performance by itself may not be enough in an industrial facility. It is sometimes essential to have a redundant supply system. The Mean Well DR-UPS40 solution has the necessary features to add extra power to the already installed power supply in situations where AC power is interrupted.
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