Articulated gutter in wastewater treatment tanks

Águas de Centro Litoral has the concession to operate and manage the multi-municipal water supply and sanitation system of Portugal's coastal center.

F. Fonseca was invited to present a solution for supplying and controlling the motors of the desander bridges at the entrance work for its WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) facilities, located in Cacia.

F.Fonseca's Technical Assistance Services implemented a Murrplastik energy chain-based solution that significantly reduced the need for maintenance of the previous power and control system.
Project name / location:
Application of energy chain in wastewater treatment tanks.
Type of project:
Industry (Automation and PIE)
Type of industry:
Type(s) of product(s) used:
Hinged rail.
End customer name:
Águas de Centro Litoral, S.A.
Name of installer / integrator / machine manufacturer:
Technical Assistance Service – TAS
Construction owner:
Águas de Centro Litoral, S.A.
Purpose of the application / what motivated the use of our solution:
The previous solution for passing cables to the moving bridge was based on the use of an aerial steel cable, where the cable that fed and controlled the bridge was moved in a bellows system. The installed cable was frequently damaged and caused long and constant downtimes in the sandblaster.
What support did you find from F.Fonseca and the brand?
A Murrplastik representative visited the site to advise on installation precautions.
Products used (identify models and quantities):
MP 3002.5 RK120  
KA/Z 3002.5 Femea             030000007600
KA/Z 3002.5 Macho             030000007700
TR 3001 030000009200
VAW 122 (2000mm)                 111440100700
KL 50                                      111210300000
GSP 20/20                                111010100000
LV Conector                            111210100000
Additional information:
After a previous analysis of the operating conditions and the problems to be solved, a solution based on Murrplastik energy chain was developed.
The end-to-end displacement of the bridge, in the order of 16 meters, forced the use of guides for the energy chain through aluminum side profiles and sliding guides, making the installation more robust and safe.
The solution now in operation is extensively tested in other installations of the same kind and is extremely resistant to the harsh environments found on site.
Name of F. Fonseca's employee(s) who developed the solution:
Adriano Santos
Sérgio Gonçalves
Rui Pinto
Paulo Alves
Mykhaylo Davydiv
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