Fátima Cachada

Specialist Degree in Metrology from the Ordem dos Engenheiros.
Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Since March 2007 he has been Technically Responsible for Metrology (Internal calibrations within the scope of calibrations and temperature tests, calibrations within the dimensional scope and calibration within the scope of weighing instruments) and management of measurement equipment at BGI - Brisa Gestão de Infraestruturas, SA Auditora IPAC - Management Systems and Metrology Temperatures, Pressure and Force. She carries out audits as a coordinator and technical auditor according to the ISO / IEC17025 standard since 2002. She is the Coordinator of the Working Group-GT09-Temperature and Humidity of CSRELACRE 04-METROLOGIA. Consultant in the scope of internal calibrations and calculation of uncertainties at Controlauto, S.A..
Member of the Order of Engineers and of the Portuguese Society of Metrology. Certified Trainer - Certificate No. EDF 22683/2000 DN.
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