Gas leak detector EX-TEC PM 4 - Sewerin

Gas detection, gas warning and gas concentration measuring device for working in the ppm, LEL and vol.% ranges.
When carrying out work in confined spaces, it is necessary to monitor the explosion risk that the various hydrocarbon gases can generate.
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Gas leak detector for indoor installations EX-TEC SNOOPER 4 - Sewerin

Explosion-proof gas leak detector with integrated gas database.
The EX-TEC SNOOPER 4 is a gas leak detector for detecting the smallest leaks in installation lines and at connection points.
The modular device concept allows users to choose either a basic device without a pump (diffusion device) or a device with integrated pump.
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Leak gas detection EX-TEC® HS 680 – Sewerin

EX-TEC® HS 680 • 660 • 650 • 610

Combination measuring devices for gas supply with integrated ethane detector.

Sewerin leak gas detection from the EX-TEC HS family combine ergonomics with cutting edge technology. Thanks to its innovative design this range offers the user the right instrument for each different application. All appliances from the EX-TEC® HS family meet the requirements of DVGW Code of Practice 465-4 (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water).
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Leak gas detection- EX-TEC ® OD4 - Sewerin

Measuring instrument for the detection and quantification odorants (THT) substances.

Natural gas is naturally odorless and for safety reasons, odorous substances are added to it (tetrahydrothiophene). In Germany, the odorant content of natural gases must be tested at least twice a year in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) Code of Practice G280/281. The Sewerin leak gas detection- EX-TEC ® OD4 is the ideal measuring device for odorant measurements carried out by gas suppliers. 
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