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Customer User Interface iNet Control – Industrial Scientific

Industrial Scientific’s iNet™ Control is a Customer User Interface (CUI) tool that provides insight into your gas monitoring program and allows users to configure and continuously manage their gas detection program from any mobile browser or web-enabled PC.
The iNet™ Control Dashboard is a web-based application that compiles data received during Docking Station™ and instrument transactions to ultimately help you safely manage your business.
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Reviewing the Dashboard on a regular basis allows you to quickly identify unsafe practices and address them.
iNet Control provides unmatched visibility into the maintenance, usage and alarm data from your gas detection equipment.

Following this tutorial you can familiarize yourself with the capability, function and navigation of the iNet™ Control Dashboard. The tutorial will review each functional section of this Dashboard and provides navigational tips to help you extract data that will provide greater insight into your gas monitoring program. The tutorial is narrated, self-paced and indexed to provide you with the ability to review and re-review the sections that are of greatest interest to you.
  • Automatic Instrument maintenance* and status;
  • Automatic record keeping;
  • Field visibility.
*Requires iNet program
  • Schedule instrument bump tests and calibrations to occur automatically;
  • Receive replacement units from Industrial Scientific when a malfunctioning instrument is identified in your fleet*;
  • Produce required records on demand;
  • Eliminate the prone-to-error task of manually maintaining records;
  • Understand how your instruments are being used in the field and the risks your team faces;
  • Use data to proactively correct poor use behavior.
*Requires iNet program

F.Fonseca is the representative of Industrial Scientific in Portugal.
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