Magnetic Switch

Bypass level indicator NBK - Kobold

Kobold bypass level indicators are used for continuous measurement, display and monitoring of liquid levels. The bypass tube is attached onto the side wall of the vessel. According to the law of communicating tubes, the level in the bypass tube equals the level in the vessel. A float with embedded circular magnets that is inside the bypass tube follows the liquid level and transfers that information, in a non-contacting manner, to a display fitted outside the tube or to a monitoring device.

Level floaters - Kobold

In industrial and commercial tanking systems, the level of the tanks must be monitored continuously in most cases. The level within the tanks can be checked and controlled by means of various level sensors and level gauges. The filling of tanks and silos can be displayed at various points via different level indicators and can thus be monitored.

Magnetic level sensors for liquids, Series M - Kobold

Magnetic level sensors are used for the monitoring and control of liquid levels in vessels and manufactured according to every customer specification.
Kobold magnetic float sensors are fitted with a hermetically sealed contact which is situated in the tube;
The float sliding on the tube contains a whose magnetic field sensor the sealed contact in a non-contacting fashion. The sealed contacts are available as N/O, N/C or changeover contacts;

The float sliding up and down on the liquid is the only moving part in the Kobold magnetic float sensors.

Plastic level switch for liquids NKP - Kobold

The plastic level switch NKP is designed for economical control of liquids in vessels. Many industrial applications can be realized with two different plastic versions each with three different mountings. The switch is remarkable for its maintenance-free design, small dimensions and reed contacts with high switch capacity.
The switch is mounted on the side of the vessel. A hinged plastic float with a magnet floats up and down through the liquid level. The encapsulated reed contact is operated by the magnet. The switching function (N/O contact / N/C contact) is determined by the installation position. The switching function is reversed by simply rotating the switch through 180°.

SZM Bypass level indicator - Kobold

As an indicator of levels in small and medium-sized, upright or horizontal, round vessels, the SZM is particularly recommended for use in the food industry, water treatment and the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
The SZM type glass tube level indicator is applicable for the indication of liquid level in small and middle-sized, standing or lying round containers used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The loads occurring at the installation are absorbed by the outer armature, thus the glass tube is protected against breaking.
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