Cable Entry plates

Cable entry system KDL/C and KDL/D - Murrplastik

Ready for the toughest jobs.!
A product first: Murrplastik Systemtechnik now offers a separable cable entry for pre-assembled cables compatible with protection class IP65. 

With KDL/C and KDL/D, Murrplastik Systemtechnik (Oppenweiler) presents two new cable entry plates for ultra-durable deployment in extremely tough industrial environments. Everywhere, in fact, where high mechanical stresses, moisture, acids, lyes, alcohols, mineral oils, fuels, greases and dust make life truly difficult for any piece of plant or system component. Although KDL/C already satisfies protection class IP54, Murrplastik goes even further with the KDL/D model: protection class IP65 is now also possible as a retrofit option even for completely separable systems. Both cable entry plates can be deployed at temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +100 °C.

Cable entry system, type KDL/E+ - Murrplastik

The KDL/E+ represents the 3rd generation of Murrplastik cable entry system, being the perfection of KDL/E. During the development, are significantly improved the protection class, flexibility and stability. With the consistent expansion of sizes and accessories.

KDL/E+ is a completely splittable, stackable and stable cable entry system with high density and good strain relief for cables with connectors. 

Cable entry systems KDH – Murrplastik

Murrplastik is well known by the innovative cable entry systems. The different available solutions enables the quick and simple installation of cables with or without connector.
Is possible to use a cable entry system designed for inserting pre-assembled cables and electrical conduits in divider walls, junction boxes, control cabinets, etc. For other application, the cable insertion panel is a routing and fastening system for cables without plugs or pneumatic hoses.

Cable Fixation - Cable entry membranes, type KDM - Murrplastik

The Murrplastik cable entry membranes are produced of polyethylene and thermoplastic elastomer respectively EPDM. 

They are useful for electrical cables and pneumatic hoses used in control cabinets, systems and mechanical engineering. Wherever quick mounting is required with high packing density and cables must be protected, the single-cable en-tries are used.

KDM is a cable entry system for cables without connectors. The various sizes fit to metrical cut-outs from M16 to M32.
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